"There has to be a way to make a gluten free cookie taste like a, well, cookie," of this, Bradley Bake Shop owner Eleanor Bradley was convinced. After many disappointing encounters with store-bought gluten-free cookies, Eleanor had nearly resigned her self to the fact that there was no substitute for gluten — but she couldn't be certain until she tried it for herself. So, the schoolteacher and mother, whose love of health is only rivaled by her love of sweets, took to her kitchen.

The results? They were … varied. At least at first. But after much alchemy, it finally came: the perfect chocolate chip cookie. It looked like a chocolate chip cookie. It tasted like a chocolate chip cookie. But, perhaps most importantly, it felt like a chocolate chip cookie. This wasn't a gluten-free cookie, it was a cookie that happened to be gluten-free! So, with the encouragement of her extremely picky, equally sweet-loving daughter, her loving and supportive husband, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends as her guide, Eleanor founded Bradley Bake Shop, with one mission: to make cookies whose ingredients are as good as they taste.

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